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London Hotels
Travel Safely without any regrets.

Travelling around the world is something that's the realm of those wanting to live with no regrets. Get out there and see the sights, don't just see the world through your television or computer screen. Enjoy a crepe under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, gasp in awe at the spectacular ruined and restored temples at the Angkor Wat site in Cambodia, indulge in a shopping spree in New York, or experience the extremes of hot and cold in a Finnish sauna. Travelling and seeing the world is all part of living a little, and living with no regrets.

However, according to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the biggest regret for international travellers is not taking travel insurance. In many cases, the existing policies for credit card insurance, home insurance, or private health cover weren't sufficient for the situations that arose, and the individual, couple, or family concerned was left substantially out of pocket.

Take care to note whether or not your travel insurance policy includes drink or drug-related incidents, as many do not. There is often an additional option if you require extreme sports cover, and be sure to observe the conditions of what exactly constitutes an "extreme sport." It's also handy to pick up a policy that offers a 24-hour support and emergency service line, as anyone who has learned from the experience of an accident or incident can vouch for. It's important to have someone that you can talk to around the clock, to reassure or advise you, no matter the issue at hand. Another important factor to note is the particulars of the policy in regards to, for instance, the reporting of stolen property. It's not worth taking out a travel insurance policy only to find out that you've reported you stolen handbag or camera too late, as the report has to have taken place within 48-hours of the incident.

Check when you're booking your London hotels or flights, as basic insurance policies may be offered, however these may not be as comprehensive as other policies offered online. The future is unforeseen, and you never know if you'll need to cancel a trip and seek out refunds for your airline tickets to Senegal, San Francisco hotels, or Caribbean package tours. Keep an eye out for policies that cover pre-paid expenses, cancellation, legal fees, and medical cover.